About Us

South Concept team is composed by talented professionals who already have a great experience in the graphic, web design and software development business. We have all worked for renowned companies in the past, and joined in 2007 to found South Concept.

Our mission is to offer a different and better service, avoiding common mistakes that other web design and development companies usually do. Our experience let us know that the customer wants a partner company that is able to provide high quality services while respecting the schedules. We only start projects that we are sure that will be finished on time and with excellent results. A close collaboration and fluent communication with our customers is the key of our success.

South Concept offers since 2007 personalized high quality services at convenient prices. The company has already worked for important firms from the United States, Brazil, Argentine and Uruguay.

What make us stand out

While working for some important companies in the past, we have learned that there were some common mistakes that these big companies usually do while dealing with clients; they accept all the projects, no matter if they believe they can handle them, and they also promise schedules that are not real.

That’s why we found South Concept, a different and more reliable way of providing full Internet services: web site and graphic design, web development, e-commerce solutions, among others solutions.

Some of the reasons why we stand out in the market:

  • Our team is composed by young talented professionals with experience in big and small companies
  • We only start projects that we are sure that will be finished with excellent results
  • We always respect schedules and deadlines
  • We have a fluent communication with our customers
  • We are able to offer quality services at convenient prices